About Us


Fuel your spirit and go after your passion. For UPLIFTED, life is all about giving it your best shot and helping others give it theirs. Just passion, determination, and community.

Founded in 2017, the founder’s affinity and love for sports, particularly basketball, and fashion created a vision for creating an independent brand that could hold its own locally and globally. Our goal is to be able to connect with a culture of achievers, doers, inside and outside the world of basketball and sports in general.

UPLIFTED reaches out to both athletes and athletes at heart. The founder firmly believes that sports is universal, you can have a relationship with it without being a professional or even a player. For a lot of people, sports is inspiring, it inspires them to grow whether it may be in sports, their jobs, or life in general. 


UPLIFTED represents the culture and attitude imbibed by a true sportsman: someone who optimistically looks at life; is determined & hardworking; has the heart of a winner, and generously lifts up his teammates and the people around him.

Our brand speaks the duality. We are your failures as well as your success. Sports are not just games but it is a lifestyle we live by. For those who possess the eyes that never waiver, always in awe to what an individual can push himself. Wear the embodiment of greatness. Be a champion anywhere you go. 


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